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This bug was reported on the PTS. Cant say I'm surprised they didn't fix it. Guess they were too busy adding new colors to old speeders to sell in the cartel market.

Dev 1: "TFB has a fight-breaking bug,"
Dev 2: <shrug>
Dev 1: "also, the color is a bit off on one of the Aratech speeders,"
Dev 2: "WHAT??!! Stop the patch! We can't let it go live like that! Divert all minions to fix it immediately!"
Dev 3: "What about PvP guys? I mean havent those folks been waiting long enough?"
Dev 1&2: "And?"

Seriously though Bombbuster hit the nail on the head with Q&A priority. I mean how many times has a patch broke the Terror now? you think they would check it on all modes before releasing any patch with anything to do with TFB.
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