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06.12.2013 , 10:24 PM | #14
Misunderstanding is definitely an issue a lot of the time. I was doing the FP with the Droid that "puts you under arrest" and when he catches up to your character it is imprisoned and defeated. We had to go through it a couple of times before the team members understood what each other were talking about. Everyone was like "i understand" then team gets wiped and through a little more discussion, realize not everyone understood.

Irritating thing was, we had an experienced player on the team that as soon as the team died the second time, said "I'm not wasting my credits dieing here" and quit team. At least one person had said they had never completed the FP before. A couple of defeats isn't that big of a deal. We got the replacement, straightened out the misunderstandings the new guy was having and won the battle the next round. It just really annoyed me because sometimes people need some guidance - how can they learn the tricks if no one takes the time to teach them.