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06.12.2013 , 09:26 PM | #1
We're having some issues with the last boss in TFB HM. We've done the fight successfully at level 50 so we know the mechanics. The problem is when we made it to phase 3 (tantrum) the boss was at 32% health. We were careful with tentacles in phase 1 and did not kill them when their health was further than 5% apart. We did not get 4 sets of tentacles in P1 which is the usual indicator that you didn't kill them together.

We're trying to figure out why the boss' health was so high in P3. The only thing we can think of was that sometimes we did not kill the anomalies before the last tentacle died in P2 which causes them to despawn. Does this add a bunch of health to the boss or could it be something else?