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Ah, my first S&V GF. It was less than a week after release; I knew queuing would be a bad idea, but I did it anyway.

First thing I asked: "Has everyone done this yet?" Four or five people say "no" (a surprising turn of events in itself; not that they were new to it, but that they admitted it). A person in the group then decides that would be the perfect time to start the event (granted, it may have been a new person that was unaware that moving forward would start a boss fight).

Of course, we wipe in a terrible fashion since most people had no idea what to do. Then there was the predictable "OMG YOU GUYS **** SUCK" comments and the group broke,

Really, I blame myself. I knew queuing for a new Op would be destined to fail, but I did it anyway.
Unlucky PUG honestly. Every time I pugged an Ops, be it in GF or from fleet, it was always a matter of good explanation of tactics to 1-shot majority of the bosses, if not all. Even with more than half of people not knowing mechanics.

Biggest problem I find in PUGs is the experienced players who don't wanna wait for tactics to be explained to new players. "Plz faster, how much longer, skip this part of explaining" etc and often deliberate pulls to start the fight. Of course that ends in a wipe most of the time. I honestly don't get it. Experienced players should know that wiping over and over again will make MUCH longer than spending 5 mins before each boss to explain it well.

Second most annoying thing is being the only (or one of the very few) player not from the same guild. For every great guild who will treat the non-guild player(s) as equal and leave nothing but great memories, there are 2 more that will treat the non-guild player(s) as 3rd class citizen. Not to mention situations when everyone from the guild needs on everything (even if they don't need it) to claim all the loot for the guild and ensure the non-guild player(s) get nothing.