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I have no problem with new people, I will talk them through and help them learn, what gets me frustrated is when people tell me they know what they're doing when they're not, and when I tell them what they're doing wrong and how to fix it, they keep on making the same mistake (with the exception of new people)
That's normal I think. 1) people can understand your advice, but still do some basic mistakes that you are not aware they could do since you take those things as automatic as an experienced player. 2) or they just misunderstand you. That's something that can easily happen to new players so they think they know what to do, but in reality they don't. 3) the same as 2), just based on language. Lots of people who play this have have not english as their first langueage so they can misunderstand you. Doesn't necessarily mean they know they don't know what you're saying, they can just think it means something else.