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There is skill involved in reducing dps downtime.

I tend to pull more on an ops dummy than I can in a real fight, but that is largely due to me being sloppy during the actual fights, and the fact that I can be sloppy and we STILL beat the enrage timer.

My first HM Styrak we enraged at 60%. The second time at 40%. Eventually we beat him, and with no additional gear. There was 60% worth of boss hp tied up in not playing smart.

If this fight is possible with perfect execution and absolute max dps at every moment, then I think it would be a pretty great fight to finally beat.
I assure you, you are not telling us neckbeards anything revolutionary.

Here's the issue: We're playing as close to ideal as can reasonably be expected and nobody is within shouting distance of beating the enrage. Not one guild who logged on when servers went up has been able to complete this fight, and it's because the enrage timer is too short.

We're not missing mechanics, and we're squeezing as much dps out of our raiders as possible. It isn't enough because the fight is mathematically impossible as it exists right now.