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Well, we asked for a challenge and we got it.

The patch has been out for barely four hours, only European guilds and a few morning US guilds have tried it so far. One guild got it down to 80%, you got it down to 40% and I am sure there are guilds that will be able to get it down to 10-20%. By the way, in P1 healing does not seem as intense, so you may try to have your healers DPS a little bit then.

In any case, it is way too early to call for a hotfix nerf, before more guilds have spent a few raiding nights on it. I'm looking forward to the challenge.
You haven't experienced it, so you have no idea or basis for these comments.

The guilds who have attempted it are top tier in the world. And simply put, the difference in percentages for various attempts are irrelevant. It is easy to calculate the DPS required to beat the enrage timer. As it stands right now, our assessment is based on what is MATHEMATICALLY POSSIBLE given the current gearing.

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