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BioWare -

If you delay a patch to buff an operation/fix bugs, please ensure that the fights are actually tuned. With a raid comp of 2 Marauders, 1 Merc, 1 Sniper (all pulling 2400-2600 DPS), we are hitting a hard enrage on Kelsara around ~40% HP.

Our guild has cleared NiM TFB on PTS, cleared all your HM raids the week upon release, and are fully capable players. The fights damage/healing requirements/etc are fine, but the ENRAGE TIMER is impossible with our current gear (full Underworld). I appreciate making the encounters more difficult, but you need to tune these fights.

Healers would have to pull 1.7k DPS in order to beat the current enrage timer, but that's impossible given the healing requirements on this fight.

Below please watch a VOD of what I am referring to:
<Death and Taxes>
Enkay - 55 Juggernaut, GM
Enque - 55 Mercenary Nkay - 55 Marauder Enkaye - 55 Assassin Enkayy - 55 Commando