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Players that are backfilled into a Warzone are now awarded a Reinforcement Medal that will count toward their total medal count for the match. This prevents backfilled players from being placed into a match without enough time to get one medal, thus missing out on the Warzone rewards at the end of the match.
This is a really good change for solo queuers.

The base damage and armor value granted by Bolster have been slightly increased to account to the most recent item power available to players
What does this mean exactly? Does anyone know? Since there is a new Tier of PvP gear, I assume this means that the Bolster buff for other gear is getting changed to compensate. Not sure.

Characters with body type 1 can no longer hide in the corners of bunkers to prevent others from seeing their nameplates.
Finally. Good fix.

Underworld gear and rating-equivalent Armorings, Mods, and Enhancements can now be Reverse Engineered and learned as a schematic
This is good for crafters.

Overall, the patch is fairly decent. Granted, there is no real content here, but many of the changes/fixes above are very good.
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