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12.21.2011 , 08:45 PM | #2
I am also very concerned about this... I cant believe I used this thing... I wish i could go back and not have activated it. Now if I lose it (already had three year old take it and had to find it), or if the battery dies, or it stops working, you cant log in. That is the dumbest thing I have seen. They should give you the option to log in with it, or if you dont have it, then answer three of your security questions as an alternative. I went to post something on the forums last night from work using my phone and I had to have the code... I didnt have the security key with me since I was at work, so I couldnt even post on the forums at work. I use to be able too when it was just user and password... even sometimes I would have to answer security question, but at least I could log on... I hope they address these concerns soon. I fear each day I log on that I push that button and nothing shows up. They say to call CS, but from what I hear, you cant get threw at all... Does anyone know if they are working on an alternative to this... and app for your android phone would help, but I heard you cant have both so if you have the key, you have to use that... I hope this thing lasts a long time... for those that have not registered theirs yet, think twice about it....

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