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12.21.2011 , 08:44 PM | #6

Please, Bioware, don't turn this into another WoW where every single person who died and had friends who SCREAMED about it on the forums got some stupid little in-game monument to the deceased.

I'm sorry this person is dying (although I think it's rather sad that she wants to spend her final days in a video game rather than, like, going to Europe or the Grand Canyon or some place like we all dream of doing), but how many hundreds (and even thousands) of other gamers will die during this TOR's existence who won't be honored in-game? Most of these people have friends and family who have the decency to MOURN when these things happen rather than demanding a collection of pixels to server as some 'eternal' marker ('eternal' being the 10 years or so that MMOs last).

No more phoenix mounts for Billy just because he has incurable disease X. No more hilltop NPCs for Sarah because she got shot in Iraq. Go honor your loved one at their burial site.

Hell, half my guild is probably dying of heart disease right now, given our lifestyle.