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Bravo! Gotta say, it adds to the "Epic-ness" of the characters we play. I strongly believe that this ih how amazing our toons are in the universe.

I gather you were the Mara, so not sure if you can answer this: How did the Merc decide on which cell to use for each boss? I see it was the armor-piercing for Gharj but Healing for Soa. I also see she switched mid-fight.
I was actually arsenal for the entire thing except for the first 2 phases of Soa as you noticed as my basic heals were enough for the first 2 but I didn't think it would be for the platforming part during Soa, plus DPS really wasn't an issue for these phases. For the Droid I really should have put points into reduced heal pushback because between the missile barrage and the DoT my rapid scan was taking somewhere around 4-5s to actually finish casting.

When we did it in Story Mode pre-expansion I had to be a lot more selective and swapped between all 3 depending on the fight, but not so much this time. I took points away from the alacrity and improved vent heat talents and put them into the improved jet boost and into energy rebounder for the Pylons, both of which helped me a lot during the elites. I actually forgot to move them back before we did the Council fight as well so I kinda overheated a little too much...

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Very nicely done!

I'm curious though, how did you handle the other side of the pylons? Which spec were you using?
Chi'koda was using a standard annihilation spec for this fight. His side was definitely harder than mine was and he had to use a combination of correctly timed defensive CDs, AoE stun, force camouflage and a cybertech stun grenade to get through it.

Also, just as an aside, we had about a second to go on the pylons before they reset!

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Congrats Koda (and Marisi, but she only gets secondary mention since she didn't post this ).
M a r i s i
Z o r z