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Thanks for that insightful and well thought post Hobo. Would you like to explain anything else Captain Obvious?

Back on topic though. I agree with the thread's point. I don't necessarily think that the issue is the result of "bad guilds though". I think the problem lies in the fact that people feel *obligated* to join a guild otherwise they are deemed inferior. I left my raiding guild 2 months ago and was the best decision I ever made. I may join another guild but I'm not in any rush to do so. The reason I left was (among other things) they were accepting nearly anyone in the guild for no reason and people didn't understand basic concepts.

This same issue applies to all guilds/pugs. The basic concepts JUST AREN'T THERE. These group finder quests show a recommended gear level; and yet people are entering with level 45-50 greens/blues. I'm seeing DPS who just sit still for 10 seconds and dont do anything, or they are keyboard turners that don't know how to follow the boss by moving their mouse.

The problem with storymode operations is that no matter how "easy" they make it; it seems like there are people who are just dumber then they expected still queuing up for it.
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