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Hey Eric,
I would like to make a suggestion to you because I have been waiting for this service for a long time. I am suggesting a discounted character transfer price because of this set back. We have been waiting a long time for this service and charging subscribers the price you have stated is impractical with the way you have to buy Cartel coins. I think this is double dipping. I would like to see a reduced rate for character transfers or a one time free transfer for characters that are lvl 50 plus. The price point you have set is forcing people to buy cartel coins in excess of the actual cost of the item. I believe this is a little greedy. I appreciate the time you have put in to make the game great. This is why I still play and love the game. (because it is fun) However I am subscriber, digital deluxe purchaser and founder of the game. I also Beta tested for you as well because I am just as passionate about quality you are. You wont get any questions about my loyalty, but I was unhappy with the PVP server that my Guardian and Commando are on. I had never played a MMO like this before in the same capacity so I had to feel out the game when it went live (ex. The guilds and people). I feel that 1050 cartel coins for subscribers or a discounted rate for the first week transfers go live would reinstate my value in the game. As an added plus give you guys a fair price point that would bring people back to the game. Just a thought. I really want to play my guardian with my good friends from The Whiskey Brotherhood.

If everyone that reads this could please support me. I would be grateful.

Thank you,
A discount of some sort would be kinda nice...
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