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06.11.2013 , 11:24 PM | #1581
No mention of the CE store in the patch notes so let's look at what was datamined but not announced to be released in the Archon pack blurb:

Black and Medium Yellow Dye Module
Deep Purple and Medium Pink Dye Module
Medium Orange and Light Green Dye Module
Dark Red and Pale Red Dye Module
Medium Red and Medium Green Dye Module
Medium Orange and Pale Yellow Dye Module
Pale Blue and Medium Purple Dye Module
Deep Purple and Medium Green Dye Module

These were the dyes that were datamined but aren't listed in the Archon pack notes. Hopefully they realized what a dumb idea red and green dye combo was and put that aside to use at Christmastime. Of the remaining, my money says we get the medium orange and light green because it combines what should've been two of the other CE exclusive dyes and ToR is laz like that.

That said, if we got the black/yellow dye, I'd take back every mean thing I ever said about the CE store.

ALL THAT SAID: we're jsut as likely to have been forgotten as we are to have gotten the promised change.