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06.11.2013 , 06:33 PM | #32
The op is totally wrong. Ranged dps and heals stand on the back of the ship. Tank positions the boss in the rear of the taxi facing the add spawn location. The healer will usually agro the adds and the will pile up right behind the tank in the flames. When the boss dies any adds not killed by his unstable gas will evade and disappear.

I realize that this is exploiting the ship mechanic but it is no different than the box mechanic during trenchcutters on ec nm. The truth is that this is the easiest way for a tank to get throigh the fight even if the dps or healers are big *******.

I mean the other day i had a sentinel with no offhand saber and a gunslinger with 15k hp who used stun grenade on cooldown in his boss rotation.