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So you don't want the healer to heal when the adds come down, right? Because the adds will run right to the healer if they're healing when he comes down... using the ship is a good idea, and doesn't make the fight any harder - any good tank knows how to position themselves to give the group the best success- I play a melee DPS and never have an issue.
Smash/Discharge/Wither/Flame Sweep/Sweeping Slash > Healing threat

Any of those moves done at the moment the adds appear (i.e. them jetting down from the ship) will register with them and latch them onto the tank. They will only pull off the tank after that if a DPS either 1) hits them with an AoE or 2) targets an add and starts attacking it. Healing will not override the tanks AoE if they continue to use it.