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Shan looked very confused.

Shan: Battle? I never saw a battle or a ship crashing at all.

He folded his arms. He looked as if he was trying to put together a puzzle. He turned back to Sabrina.

Shan: However I do know the name Valdek. Although he isn't a Darth and doesn't have any association with your sith. He lives here with me.

He looked even more curious then before.

Shan: Maybe he will know what you are talking about. He should be coming out soon.

Kotta shot a look to Lukarna.

Kotta: What not impressed?

He said with a smile. He checked the data over once again and made his decision.

Kotta: Ok we need to head this way. Up that path that goes over this ridge.

He put his rifle on his back and began heading to the path.

Kotta: Now stay sharp, we have no idea what's out here. Even the Mystics couldn't track the ship.
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