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I'm not have to hit the Uggs to get credit for the kill count. If you let the Wookiee kill them you don't get credit. It takes less time to kill them than it does to take the long way (not using the door or police speeder)....
Again, not trying to sound rude, but I do believe you are confused. Via the method I describe, the tank IS hitting the adds when they first spawn in order to gather them up. So initial damage is being dealt by the tank. Letting the Wookie finish them off does indeed count them towards the bonus.

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No it's easier, and faster, to just let the tank aoe the adds and let them burn...only time that is not easier is when your dps are too retarded to understand the instruction "don't use aoe, just focus boss" - if they can't do that then you have bigger problems than where to stand...
Good response is good!