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06.11.2013 , 01:32 PM | #152
you know these flashpoints wouldn't be so bad, if people would actually utilize cc.

like aforementioned droids in Atthiss - they are in 2 groups and without fail, I see tanks only grab the ones on one side, ignoring the one the other side. you try to cc them and THEN people stop ignoring them, long enough to break cc and then stop hitting them again >_>

my first 55 flashpoint I ran, was on my sorc about 2 weeks after expansion (Candemimu to be precise) and while I actually did luck out on a group (aka - dps was pretty high, and tank actually held most of the aggro off me, with exception of few weak mobs here and there), and we had no wipes and I think one death the entire time, by the end of it I was literally fuzzy with exhaustion.

it took everything I had out of me.

now granted, I had mostly campaign gear (with set bonuses) and a few pieces of basic with lvl 54 implants I crafted (not the rep recipes, but rather reverse engineered trainer ones).
however. mobs hit much MUCH harder, defensive stats for tanks don't work as well as they used to and without the use of cc, I had to do a lot of very frantic heal spamming, where I would forgo most of my force regeneration in favor of using that GCD for another, necessary heal.

last night - ran a few flashpoints on an operative healing alt I have with guild tank and dps, all 3 of them ops geared and augmented. and believe it or not, our tank was actually harder for me to heal then he is in our TFB or scum and villainy runs. he's very good at using defensive CD's but there were moments when he would drop to 50% and under pretty rapidly. mainly on trash. I swear bosses in 55 hardmodes are easier than trash.

pugs are exhausting on a healer and the worst part is that most people don't even realize how much of a difference a good healer makes. but just because we can make it LOOK easy doesn't mean it actually is.

I used to be able to get away with almost no min maxing with everything but Lost Island and even Lost island post nerf was very doable. I'm now seriously considering investing into augments for every healing character I might be doing end game stuff with, and thinking about permanently switching to dps on my vanguard and jugg :/