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They're really good.

I'm amazed how you show your characters during the starting sequence with custom clothing.

I take it that that is just very diligent editing, splicing in sequences recorded after the start sequence?
Actually no.

All you have to do is start a new character, then during the intro cinematics, just press escape and you have aborted that first class mission.
You can now buy items off the cartel market, send items from your alts or run around on the starter planet until you reach level 7, at which point you can travel to fleet and buy stuff off the GTN.
Then all you have to do is go back to the place where the first class mission starts and click on the mission giver

This works for all classes except the trooper. If you do this with the trooper you will be locked inside the walker at the start, so you have to finish the intro cinematic and then go outside the walker and reset the mission in the missions tab.
Then you can start it over again by going back in the walker and clicking on gearbox.
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