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I do not think it is fair to allow level 55 players to come to level 50 operations and abuse lower level players for not being 'geared' properly. Also level 50 players take and should take precedence when matching in a group, not allowing level 55 to join match making process is an easy solution, albeit cheap one. I think these operations should be made available for level 55 players with increased difficulty appropriate to their level,
I'm not sure the types of 55's who would be "abusing" level 50's would be the one's playing lvl 50 ops. The elitest players who often abuse under-geared players are likely already overgeared for lvl 50 ops as is and won't waste their time with them. The focus of the argument to put these ops in GF is to allow players who don't have as much time to play the game experience the storyline of the level 50 ops.

As a first time MMO player, I did not even know what an op was until I hit level 55. By that time, though, I was already locked out of GF for all ops except TFB and SnV. To this day, I've played EV once on HM and had a fantastic time with the story, but it took a LONG time to get a group together. I see where you are coming from, but even if these ops were added to GF most of the players you're worried about will consider themselves "too good" to queue up for a lvl 50 SM op.