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06.11.2013 , 11:37 AM | #1
Hi all!

My guild and 3 pugs tried 16m HM TC for the first time. We were all 69s with some 72s thrown in for gear. We've done it in SM multiple times, and reviewed Dulfy's excellent guide on the HM fight. Our biggest issue was with the 2 robot add spawns after the big *** laser blast. No matter how fast we try to aggro the adds, they seem to get a few shots off before we can actually target/aggro them, and they do some hefty damage to our squishies, esp the heals. We've tried having the DPS pause for 2 seconds to let the Vanguard tank grab aggro, we've tried having the Vanguard toss AoE damage at the spawn point right before they blast down, but more often then not, it's almost like they are shooting right before they land, before we can pick up the aggro, or even target them..

How do people tank these adds in HM, and do they encounter simliar issues with initial aggro holding?