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06.11.2013 , 09:23 AM | #9
Hi Amber, I've also had this issue and filed a bug report.

For me, what happened:

1. I tracked all of the Space achievements.
2. I completed all of the Space missions, doing all the bonuses and that sort of thing.
3. The achievements that were properly completeable granted me their Achievements and were removed from the tracker.
4. The missions that had erroneous requirements did not grant the Achievements and were left in the tracker.
5. I logged out.
6. Some of the Space Achievements were fixed to no longer have erroneous requirements.
7. I logged in.
8. The fixed Achievements were granted to me, but they remained in the tracker.

So it looks like some issue with achievements being granted on login while they are tracked. If they're not tracked, or if you get them during normal play, you're fine.