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It's funny, I had a similar encounter in HS SM. A DPS JK Sent was jumping into every fight as if he were the tank. The rest of the group asked nicely and then forcefully for him not to do that. As the healer, I eventually warned him, "do that again and you are not getting healed." He did it again, and I did not heal him from that point on. He still did not get the message. Then one pull, he again jumped in before the tank and the rest of us just sat there and watched him die. We kicked him after that.

As someone else said, welcome to PuGs. The good news is that in most cases, if you have three good players one playing a class with healing ability (even if not heal specced) and one healer companion among the three you can usually 3-man any SM FP up to the mid to late 30s. Point is that even if you have to kick the tank or the healer, you do not necessarily have to wait for another to fill that role - I once did Colicoid War Game with a tank and two DPS, me being one of the DPS with healing ability (BH merc, pyro specced).