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Hammer Station is hard. As a matter of fact it's hard AND confusing. After Esseles/BT, Hammer Station feels like a punch in the face. Most new players in this game are also new to MMO's. They don't know terms like "CC" or "adds" etc... Most DPS players don't know what a tank is; as a matter of fact, even some tanks don't know what a tank is, either.

I even believe that Athiss is actually easier than Hammer Station even though it's for level 21 and Hammer Station is for 17 (recommended levels). Also healing in Hammer Station is incredibly hard; especially the last boss even with everyone knowing what they're doing. The fight is long and there are tons of damage going around and keeping everyone alive with your limited healing abilities and your horrible resource management is almost impossible. The first droid boss is also not easy.

Oh and the infamous first pull with those 2 big droids... what a pain that is.

The best thing is to ask if everyone did this before and then start. But then again, it's not always the solution because especially on my server where people are from tons of different countries, language can be a huge barrier to understand tactics.

So enter the place at your own risk and just hope things will go smooth. Sadly that's the "wisest" advice I can give.
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