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Hammer Station is the welcome to actually having to use a kill order mindset and not a everyone focus on the tanks mob mindset. It's the crash course of DPS having to know what to CC and when. To start off by killing little mobs and work your way to the big ones that the Tank is slowly killing. It's the training ground for Tanks to begin their basic skill set for holding and agro. Who needs to be shielded and when. How to use that brand new taunt skill. It's the Healers first big push to actually have to learn to heal and conserve/manage there "Force/Energy/Heat/Manna for lack of a better term".

It's the big HOLY CRAP WHAT I LEARNED IN WOW DOES NOT WORK HERE!!! time. Some people learn this before they get through MR. Some don't. I still to this day see Juggs and Guardians Force leaping turrets in HM Cad. With time one can only hope that people will learn the required fight placements and kill orders that are unique to each FP and Ops. But it always boils down to one quote that a wise man said a long time ago. "A person is smart. People are dumb as friggen rocks."
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"Dear MMO maker. I have found that something in the game is still somewhat challenging. Please nerf it."

I really hate the mainstream sometimes.