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Shan: The Empire? Oh you must mean the war. I have only heard about it slightly through my Mystic visions. If I am not mistaken you are discussing peace with the Republic on Alderaan, right?

Shan spoke as they came to a small shack that looked like something made from a star ship's emergency camp set up. It was attached to the base of a mountain and actually went into the mountain like a small cave. There were small tents set up with stations for preparing and storing food. Some others seemed to be set up for some kind of crafting. The two reached a set of chairs on the beach near one of the tents.

Shan: Sit her and relax I will be back with some water.

He walked into the tent and came back with a cup of water. He handed it to Sabrina and sat down next to her.

Shan: So tell me how did you end up on that beach?

The shuttle soared through the sky when suddenly sensors started beeping. Kotta quickly began running scans to see what it was. The left wing caught fire and made the shuttle bounce and swerve uncontrollably. The beeping got faster as the flames got bigger.

Kotta: Could put that out ... with like the force ...or something?

He called back to Naroth. When suddenly the flames disappeared altogether. Then The left wing exploded and sent the shuttle spinning out of control.

Kotta: Dammit Hang on !

Kotta pulled up on the controls and the shuttle grazed the top of a mountain. It slammed into the side of another one and slid to the bottom. The shuttle stopped on a beach line. The ship was damaged almost beyond recognition. Kotta's restrains were jammed so he smashed the receiver releasing him from the seat. He leaned over and called to the others. The ship was vertical with the cockpit facing the sky.

Kotta: Hey You guys alright!?!
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