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Bravo! Gotta say, it adds to the "Epic-ness" of the characters we play. I strongly believe that this ih how amazing our toons are in the universe.

I gather you were the Mara, so not sure if you can answer this: How did the Merc decide on which cell to use for each boss? I see it was the armor-piercing for Gharj but Healing for Soa. I also see she switched mid-fight.
Marisi decided which cylinders to use based on the fights themselves. For example, I'm sure she determined it by deciding what was needed more, dps or heals. We also 2-manned this on sm pre 2.0 speding time on on that and have had plenty of practice figuring out which fights were more heal or dps intensive. She found out which fights she needed to be full heals in or which she could sacrifice heal tree skill points to put higher into the Arsenal tree to deal more dps needed to beat the enrage timers.

I'm sure she could answer this question much better!