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Imperial Entanglements is a fan made Star Wars The Old Republic Parody comic. A fatally upbeat future Sith Lord is reluctantly joined by an Imperial Intelligence officer as they try to save the Sith Empire. Mostly from it's self.

This comic follows the Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent and over all Sith Empire story lines so needless to say there will be spoilers. Currently the comic is updating once a week on Monday.

Update: 9/13/2015

When I originally started this comic it was possible to post images in posts. That has since been disabled. I'm going through and updating my old comic posts to match the format I currently use to post comic updates so it is less confusing for new readers.
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Update: 8/1/2013

Hey everyone I'm doing some clean up on this thread to make it easier for everyone to follow the comic. So I'm going to be standardizing all the comic strip sizes and adding in a navigation bar. This should make it easier for everyone to read and enjoy the comic.
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Hey guys I've been working on this comic for awhile now and I'm finally ready to share it with you. It's a parody comic following the Imperial Agent, Sith Warrior and Empire side story lines. For right now I'm going to update it twice a week, until this story arch is over and see were things are after that. Any ways I hope you enjoy this comic because I've enjoyed making it.
Imperial Entanglements: A SWTOR Parody Web Comic