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To the community and Bioware,

I am writing this post today because of a friend and member of the community named Tiriana who plays on the Vrook Lamar Server. I am writing this post today to ask the community to write to Bioware using the question mark icon located on the top screen.

The reason I am asking for this is because I have recently found out that she has been diagnosed with brain cancer. The Doctors have given her 3 more months to live. She has also been getting sick lately due to the chemotherapy treatments she has been receiving. Tiriana has decided that she wants to spend he remaining days with us the community of SWTOR as we bring her great happiness just as she brings the community of Vrook Lamar great happiness whenever she is able to log on. She has also beta tested this game for us as well as participated in the early access program. I am asking Bioware to please do something in game for her so that we can show her that we do care for her and that our hearts will always be with her. I am asking Bioware to please rename a very minor npc after her to let her know that we will never forget her. There are a ton of NPC characters out there with no name and I am hoping that it wouldn't be too much trouble to rename one for her. If it can't be a NPC, just a simple plaque will help alot.

I am also asking the community please write to Bioware and EA to request this as well for our sister. For those who haven't played with her, you'll find that she is a very caring person and beautiful person on the inside. She is a true follower of the light. Please join me in writing a letter ingame to Bioware.

Thank You for your time.
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