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Quote: Originally Posted by Gyronamics View Post
What problem is that then.

Are you talking about no one being able to break because I'm sure that was fixed.

Or are you talking about everyone grouping up and all getting rooted because they don't understand it's an AOE effect.

There should be a minimum of 4 snare breaks and in the worse case scenario of 2 melee plus a tank the healer should still always be out of range of any snare.
it was a worst case scenario of 2 melee dps for me (was healing) and I'm pretty sure I wasn't that close to the boss to get shackled 3 times in a row, all 4 of us (and since it was a pug and we weren't on voice chat, compensating with staggered cc breakers, didn't quite work out and we'd wipe on third shackle due to everyone having it on cd at that point) unless that AoE effect has bigger range than it should, IMO.