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I will be doing a complete reboot of my storylines. New characters, new backgrounds and completely new videos.
Som of my favourite concepts will be kept (like the mandalorian force wielder) but with new characters.
I will also concentrate on a few characters as opposed to many (i had around 16 characters last time).
This will hopefully help me keep a better pace of video releases.

My old videos have been deleted from youtube and the links provided here will not work any more.
I will star a new thread when I have finished the prep. work.

I have started recording the storyline for all my Alts.
I'll be uploading the videos as often as i can, but in a month or so it will be more often since my internet connection will be better after i move.
Right now i have playlists for 8 Characters, but i will add 4 more i think. I will update this page as i upload more characters.
Just click on the name of the character to see the videos.

EDIT: I have decided to turn off music in all my videos. I have been getting alot of copyright claims and sooner or later i suspect one of the videos might be removed if i dont start recording without music.
I will put music back on for the scenes that really need it, like the end scene on the imperial side of makeb, but for the most part it will be off.
Sorry guys

Calhoone - Trooper.

Growing up on Mirial, Calhoone never felt she fit in with the rest of her peers. She was never religious and never took things as seriously as some of her friends. Craving action and adventure she joined the Republic Military. Having lost several family members to the Sith cruelty during the Jedi Civil War, she had a strong hatred for the Sith Empire and alghough she disliked the slow and complex structure of its government she was a loyal supporter of the Republic. Having proven herself on the battlefield more than once she was hand picked for transfer to Havoc Squad.

Emirala - Imperial Agent

The daughter of an Admiral, she was orphaned when her mother and father were killed during a rebellion by a rogue sith on a planet in the Svolten system. As an orphan she was inducted into the Imperial Intelligence for training as a field agent. She excellled at her training and quickly gained the eye of keeper.

Kazius - Forcewielding Mandalorian (Sith Warrior)

Born a Mandalorian of Clan Jendri on the planet Shogun, Kazius soon found that he could manipulate the force and predict enemies attacks. His clan decided to send him off to the sith to recieve training in the ways of the force.

Chanze - Smuggler.

Born an orphan on the lower levels of Coruscant, Chanze found that she had an affinity for mechanical things at an early age. Eeking out a living as a mechanic by day and a small time thief by night, she managed to scrape together enough of a reputation to take on as a mechanic on a small tramp freighter. The captain of the ship decided that he wanted more than a mechanic, so he tried to force himself on the then 15-year old Chanze.
That was his last mistake. Chance shot him in the gut with a hold-out blaster and then sent the still living captain out the airlock. But only after she forced him to sign off the deed for the ship to her.

Yasmil - Jedi Consular

Born the daughter of a Noble on Talus, Yasmil was found to be strong in the Force and sent off to train as a Jedi. During her training she showed a keen interest in studying the history and traditions of the Jedi. Although she excelled in combat training, she spent most of her time in the libraries. Master Yuon Par soon heard of Yasmil and requested her as a padawan. Soon after Yasmil traveled to Tython to start her training under Master Yuons tutelage.

Kr'ishha - Jedi Knight

Born on Cathar, Kr'rishha showed talent for the force at a very early age. Kr'rishhas family had a long line of proud warriors so they were very honored to send her away for jedi training. During her time as a youngling she showed excellence in all manner of combat, but was considered a wild child. She often got into fights with other younglings and lacked the patience her teachers tried to instill in her. Despite this she was sent to Tython for further training in the hopes that she would one day become a great Jedi.

Karin'ya - Bounty Hunter

Sold into the sex trade at an early age, Karin'ya quickly learnt the low value of life on Nar Shaddaa. One day the brothel madam sold Karin'ya to a customer who wanted that "special" experience. Unfortunately for him, Karin'ya fought back. She managed to escape, but not before he burned half her face with acid. She took up the life of a criminal. At first she merely robbed and killed people, but soon she joined up with different gangs to work as muscle for the low-level crime bosses. It didnt take long for her to make a name for herself as a cruel and vicious cold-blooded mercenary. When she decided that a career as a bounty hunter could be profitable she caught the eye of Braden, who decided to team up with her despite her vicious reputation.

Riss'ha - Sith Inquisitor

Riss'has parents were the rulers of one of the Cathar colony worlds. She grew up in luxury, but all that was changed when Pirates raided the colony and killed her parents. Most of the children were taken as slaves and sold. Riss'ha was bought by a Sith who felt her connection to the force. At first she was put to work as a simple slavegirl in the household. But her master kept punishing her for the slightest mistake, and sometimes for no reason at all. Finally, one day, she reached out with the force to fight back. Of course she did no damage, but her master had finally succeded in awakening her talents. The Sith made her fight other slaves for sport and taught her to use the force as a weapon. When the rules for admission were changed, he promptly sent her off to Korriban to become a Sith. Or die trying.

Nehdis - Jedi Knight.

The son of a Lord in a Noble family originally from Taris, Nehdis grew up on Coruscant in a lifestyle of wealth and opulance. Although he was force sensetive, it was not discovered until he was almost into his teens. His family felt that it was an enormous prestige to have a Jedi in the family so they spent a fortune convincing the Jedi to accept him for training despite his age. He recieved his first years of training on Corellia where he was found lacking in dicipline and humility. Due to his familys "insistance" though, he was still sent to Tython for further training with the hopes that the Masters on Tython would help him become a more gentle and spiritual Jedi.

Baphometi - Sith Warrior.

Taken from her family as a very small child by a Sith Lord, Baphometi was forced to fight other force sensetive children to the death in order for her to become the ultimate Sith Warrior. Growing up she learnt that compassion was a weekness. She learnt never to let an opponent live. Give no mercy and expect no mercy. She grew to hate her master, and she learnt how to feed on that hatred. After years of training in the fighting pits her master decided she was ready for the trials of Korriban.

Chiric - Bounty Hunter.

Growing up the son of Bounty Hunter Maric, Chiric grew up knowing that he would one day take up the profession. When his father was ambushed on Nar Shaddaa, Chiric was forced into the trade earlier than he thought he would. At the age of 15 he was suddenly an orphan with no means of income. His only possessions were his fathers suit of armour and blaster.
He was, however, skilled enough to hire on as an enforcer to a local Hutt named Broga. He worked for the Hutt for a few years before he found out that the same hutt had arranged for his fathers death.
With that knowledge he left Nar Shaddaa and swore to avenge his father one day.

Andréazi - Imperial Agent.

Born of an Imperial Noble family, Andréazi grew up believing in the irrefutable supremacy of the Emperor and the Sith. Seeing as he did not have any force affinity, he decided to join the imperial navy as an officer, but Imperial Intelligence noticed him during training and he was transfered to Imperial Intelligence for field work.

Mágnus - Smuggler.

Hailing from a long line of Officers in the Republic Navy, Mágnus was destined to continue the tradition. Trained at the finest academies from a young age, he showed a ruthless determination to "get the job done" which led to him being disliked amongst the enlisted med. After his crew turned on him in the heat of battle whilst fighting against pirates in the outer rim, he killed most of the crew with the help of a small force of loyal officers. The Republic Navy Court martialed him for the events and gave him a dishonorable discharge.
He used what money he had left to buy a Tramp Freighter and started roaming the outer rim. Using his reputation as a former Naval Officer he managed to get both legal and illegal jobs.
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