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My friend and I have just cleared HM EV as a 2-man group. As far as we know, we are the first duo to accomplish this. We cleared this on June 7th, 2013. I would also like to note that all 5 of the boss fights were done with just the two of us. We both reside on The Harbinger server and our group consisted of Marisi (Mercenary Healer/Dps) and Chi'koda (Marauder Dps/tank).

This was a very enjoyable and fun experience for us both, it was great to accomplish this feat. To be honest the operation itself was relatively easy to do with only two people, with the exception of one fight.... and that fight, was definitely those dreadful pylons....

The problem with the pylons wasn't so much that the elites still hurt (which they do), but instead the 250 seconds really doesn't grant much leeway with the 30s lockout per rotation, which meant that we both had to have puzzles that were 8 moves each. Sometimes we got lucky and after zoning in or resetting we both had 8s but more often that not one or none of us would. In some of the extreme cases it took an hour of resetting (60 resets all up) to get 2 8s.
Even with 2 8s, after you take away 7 rotations worth of lockouts, the time it takes to channel the rotation console, the time it takes to confirm the wheel and the final second it takes to register both sides as complete, we were left with about 4 seconds of time in which we could mess up, including time for lag, so it was incredibly unforgiving.
Although we spent countless hours on these horrible pylons, we finally got them down!

So that's enough rambling on my part, here are the videos! Enjoy!!!

Droid -
Gharj -
Pylons -
Council -
Soa -

Big thanks to Marisi for being the best Healer/Dps/Tank for the job! Also for just being super awesome! Woooo! Yay us!