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06.09.2013 , 11:29 PM | #11
it actually used to be super easy to do the taxi method, IF you did it correctly, because all you did was get your healer/ranged dps up there, kite the boss within their range and let the pigs go for the healer. before hotfix, they couldn't attack whoever was on top of the taxi, so you literally just burned the crap out of boss, while ignoring the buggers, and then, while still staying up on the taxi - AoEd them down. it could take a bit of time, to AoE them after boss's death, but it was super easy on a healer and tank and dps, because you basically just ignored the entire mechanic of the fight.

however, this has been hotfixed, and now you have to actually tank and kill the adds as they show up. and they STILl haven't fixed the shackle problem where all 4 of you get shackled.