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Because a player who wants to get a bug fixed files a bug report in game and then posts it in the customer support forum.

A player who wants to gripe about something because they hate corporations and has no realistic understanding of how software works, comes to the Flashpoint forums to post snarky titles with nothing but rants and raves in it on how Bioware sucks.

There's a distinct difference. And I have no sympathy for the latter.
I won't comment on your second paragraph, but I will agree with your first. In that other game that everyone seems to like talking about, at the start of wotlk my guild discovered a massive bug with the server first raid achievments. Our guild leader made an ingame bug report and I posted it on the customer support forums. The forum post had a response from a community rep very quick (editing my post so the mechanics of the bug were removed) promising to get it looked at asap. The guild leader had a response from a gm, followed by a senior gm, followed by the head gm for europe. Am not saying that bioware will do the same, but in that game a serious bug was acted upon based on the 'official' procedures.