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I have no idea if its some kind of sick joke but you put 5 or 6 elites and 2 Strong mobs in one big group at the entrance to the heroic area. Now as a Vanguard with great damage mitigation and 3 CC in the group the start was completely unmanageable.

I can say at 25 I have decent enough gear, just missing 2 relics, got 5700 HP and +36 def rating but I went down like a sack of potatoes whilst using my shield, a med pack and being healed.

Luckily we slipped past on the left hand side to find a lesser group of about 4 elites and 1/2 Strong however please tone down those mobs, your asking too much of 4 players. I have heard a few gripes about this quest on my server, its not just me Bioware.
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