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This is a bigger problem with S&V than TFB. The way TFB is setup, if you can beat Operator IX you know at least you have a group of guys who are fundamentally solid on game mechanics, since there is absolutely no way you can carry a guy who doesn't know how to channel the shield. So if you get past Operator IX you have reasonable confidence that the guys you get is solid enough to beat Kephess and TFB. Maybe you fail anyway but it's not because they're bad players, because if they are you'd never have gotten past Operator IX.

In S&V the first 4 bosses are basically trivial so you really have no idea if your team is at all good until Olok the Shadow, which requires some semblance of competence to beat. Now this happens with everyone, but it's much harder to correct a bad guild than a bad PUG. In particular, what do you do if it turns out it's the DPS that are bad in the said guild? In a PUG I often run with guys who are grossly underequipped, and if we absolutely can't meet enrage timer then we obviously start replacing the weakest DPS first and that has a reasonable chance of working. Trying to replace DPS in a guild that has majority just doesn't work. Most likely they will blame the loner, and even if you have definitive proof it's their fault, you still won't win because they have the majority.

Ouside of Operator IX it's very hard for someone truly clueless to wipe the raid, simply because the truly clueless wouldn't even know what you have to do to wipe the raid. For example one time I had a guy pick up the portable shield on Dash'roode and never moved which led to an instant wipe. Was that guy clueless? No because if you're clueless you wouldn't even know there was a portable shield to pick up. I had a tank that purposely turned the tentacles to slam the DPS on TFB. Again, this isn't something you can accidentally do. Even if you just stood at a random place to tanking, the DPS will naturally move behind to avoid the slam, so it took effort to ensure the tentacle always slammed the DPS. These guys are your biggest problem, but it's way harder to correct them when they're part of the majority. You'd hear stuff like 'we always have tentacles slam DPS when we won', and sure I don't doubt that because first phase of TFB isn't even hard, but that's still a very bad idea.