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I think you're making a gross generalization, probably based on 1 or 2 bad experiences. The situation you're describing does, and probably more often, happen with full pugs.

Remember, there are ultimate comms rewards for queuing up for story mode. This is the main reason why guilds will do it. Also, sometimes we're running alts, sometimes we have too many team members out of town, and we don't want to just try to pug 2 people to come in on hard mode Kephess in TFB. Of course there are certainly some guilds that are very casual and have trouble doing even the easiest content, but if you find one of those groups, just put one or more of those people in the group on ignore and try again. You aren't necessarily going to have better luck kicking the bad people in pug, people generally seem to throw the blame in all directions, sometimes the wrong ones.

Also, I can say from experience that 1 or 2 pugs can be responsible for wiping a group. without even realizing it :P

But we've carried a guy that had nothing but leveling greens and blues through all of S&V with no problems.
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