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Idk i really have found myself enjoying pug runs 80% of the time. Iv met alot of good guilds that just needed 1 more guy. My guild has 5 progression groups but i dont play enough to justify taking up a spot so i have to pug most everything. Sometimes it good. Sometimes its bad. I first invite everyone into my guilds ts. Tell them where to download it and tell them we will wait. Most bads arent bad they just dont know. I doesnt take long to teach people. Sure my tank is locked out at first boss of sv this week. But guess what their are 2 more people out there that know the first to fights of SV now. So maybe next week they will be able to help out another "bad". Iv had complete pug runs were we one shotted tfb. Iv had runs were we spent 6 hours and couldnt make it past operator 9. You never know but i still enjoy it. If you play on Harbinger. My mains are Gilgol and Mershnek. Ill run with random people anytime
The difference between a gulid run and a PUG is that in the latter you can usually try to help people who are bad while in the former you have no chance of helping others if it turns out the said guild is bad, because they have a clear majority and nobody is going to be dumb enough to say like: "Hey your guild's DPS totally sucked that fight" even if it was true because the said guild has a majority. Even the most obnoxious raid hero is usually well aware that he's not going to have the majority in a PUG, and since having a lockout on a mob like Operation Chiefs makes it almost impossible to find another group, that guy will usually be forced to compromise as he is aware his prospect of finding another raid at that point is very bad.

The guilds that are truly good and just need another person will have an attitude where they're going to carry that last person no matter how bad he is (unless it's Operator IX). So they wouldn't have any high expectation from the last person and therefore have no reason to freak out over anything. The one guild run I got to that was actually good we actually ended up with only 7 people and still cleared bosses fine, and that guild never freaked out the whole time because if you're good, you should be expected to be able to pull off things like that. A lack of willingness to carry implies that you're working with PUG level players. Not saying you should expect to be carried, but working with PUG level players who you cannot give advice to (because the guild has majority) makes things even harder.

I once joined a run with 6 guys in a guild and we ran out of shield generators on Dash'roode at 50%. The 2 PUG was DPS (me and another guy). The two DPS from the guild were horribly underequipped (like 23K HP) while the 2 PUGs are like 28/30K. But of course, the guild blamed us for lack of DPS. Frankly, even if we did 0 DPS you shouldn't have Dash'roode hitting 50% when you ran out of shield generators, not to mention we can see rather clearly that it was that guild's DPS who died right away as the fight started. If you're in a PUG you can politely tell those 2 DPS with 23K that they probably aren't ready for this fight yet, but what can you do when the 2 bad DPS have majority? Well in that case it was so bad we broke up, but imagine if you're at Olok the Shadow with the same setup. You'd be pretty screwed.