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06.09.2013 , 02:48 PM | #2
Idk i really have found myself enjoying pug runs 80% of the time. Iv met alot of good guilds that just needed 1 more guy. My guild has 5 progression groups but i dont play enough to justify taking up a spot so i have to pug most everything. Sometimes it good. Sometimes its bad. I first invite everyone into my guilds ts. Tell them where to download it and tell them we will wait. Most bads arent bad they just dont know. I doesnt take long to teach people. Sure my tank is locked out at first boss of sv this week. But guess what their are 2 more people out there that know the first to fights of SV now. So maybe next week they will be able to help out another "bad". Iv had complete pug runs were we one shotted tfb. Iv had runs were we spent 6 hours and couldnt make it past operator 9. You never know but i still enjoy it. If you play on Harbinger. My mains are Gilgol and Mershnek. Ill run with random people anytime