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To me, that's the 'guild run' group finder, and I've been in group finder raids where we wiped on Dash'roode on 90%.

This is a raid where there's a clear majority of a guild (usually 6+) and you're obviously not part of that guild. You might be thinking you'll be on your way to an easy win, but you'll be wrong. This is because if these guys are actually good they'd be usually be doing Hard modes unless they're just really bored (have seen this happened once in all my group finder raids). If you hear these guys tell you this fight is really hard and you can't screw up, and it's not Operator IX (where no amount of uberness can carry a bad player who doesn't know how to channel), it's going to be a painful experience, because that means your guild run is basically same as a PUG as this is the only reason why any story mode encounter outside of Operator IX would require everyone on top of their games. The said guild will often make plenty of mistakes, but you can't even correct them because they have a clear majority and you don't want to risk getting kicked.

No you won't be wiping on Dash'roode at 90%, but do expect to randomly wipe on trash and have a high probability of having the group break up shortly after the weekly mob is done, leaving you in a position where it's almost impossible to finish the raid. To compound things this group is almost always good enough to clear the weekly mob (which isn't saying much), and after that you're totally stuck with them, because trying to get another group finder raiding going after you're past the point of the weekly mob is extremely difficult, as the only kind of group you're joining is likely another group that had some serious problem and needed to find replacements from group finder. In fact, looking at my various alt's lockout, wiping on Dash'roode at 90% is usuaully fine because the likely outcome is the group breaks up completely and you get to try your luck again. If you get a lockout on say Operation Chiefs or Operator IX and then the group breaks up, you may not be able to finish your raids at all.