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Click Here for Terror From Beyond Nightmare Mode 8-Man Progression Tracking Spreadsheet


With the release of the Nightmare version of Terror From Beyond on Tuesday June 11, SuckaFish Guild has volunteered once more to provide a tool for tracking 8-Man Progression. We offered a similar tool for Scum & Villainy HM progression tracking a few months back. That spreadsheet can be viewed here:
S&V HM Progression Tracking

That was a feeling out process between what we created and what the community was expecting. However, I think people were so grateful to have a way to track the progression that they didn't care how it was done as long as it was fair. With that said, we didn't receive much feedback on what we should change.

Changes in this version of the Spreadsheet

For NiM TFB we simply improved upon what we did for S&V. However, we added three major components, the 2nd one being the most important:
  1. The Spreadsheet now supports 30 guilds instead of the 20 it did before. So the top 30 clears will be tracked.
  2. More emphasis has been put on verified kills. If each of the five boss kills have been verified you will receive 100% of the allotted points for each kill. If any of the kills aren't verified you will only receive 90% of the allotted points for the kill or kills that were not verified. We found that verification wasn't a difficult task for most guilds so we decided to make it mandatory. We will explain how to verify the kills shortly.
  3. Finally, we added a feature to track the 2-hour Title Run. Completing the instance in two hours, whether you did it in the first week or second week or whenever, will earn your guild some bonus points. To be honest, it likely won't effect your overall ranking but we feel this is something worth tracking nonetheless.

The Verification of Boss Kills

In order to fully verify a kill and receive a 100% of the points for it you will need to provide a screenshot that contains three visuals.

But before we explain those visuals let's discuss how to take the screenshot with the UTC time-stamp window:
  1. Ensure the game client is in Fullscreen (Windowed) mode. This can be set in the Preferences/Graphics menu
  2. Click the UTC Clock link here and set the browser window to a size of your preference.
  3. Drag UTC time-stamp window over the SWTOR Client window and position it appropriately.
  4. On your keyboard, hit CTRL+Print Screen to capture your entire Desktop to your clipboard.
  5. In MS Paint, paste the contents of the clipboard (the captured image). Edit the image as preferred and save it.
  6. Alternatively, you can use screen capturing software like SnagIt or Snipping Tool. Snipping Tool is included in Windows 7.

Now onto the visuals we need to see in the screenshot. Please ensure the following items are clearly visible:
  1. The particular boss laying dead at your feet or the NiM Achievement you receive for killing said boss.
  2. A UTC time-stamp which can be acquired from the UTC clock here: UTC Clock
  3. The difficulty of the instance which can be proved by capturing the achievement you receive for defeating a particular boss. Alternatively, difficulty can be verified by right clicking your character's portrait (I mean we all know how to get this one).
  4. Additionally, to verify your 2-Hour title, we need to see a screenshot with the eight members involved in the clear with their titles displayed and the UTC Time-stamp present so we can rank the acquisition of titles.
  5. Here is an example of a screenshot from Revenge (WF 8-Man HM S&V Clear) verifying their kill of Titan 6. You can clearly see the achievement and the Time Stamp. This is what we are looking for but ensure the Time Stamp is UTC: S&V-Titan 6 Verification

If you provide those three simple pieces of evidence you will receive the full points for each kill.

Posting in this Thread

There will be no trolling in this thread. We can't enforce that in any way but we are hoping individuals are respectful enough to understand that we are trying to help the community. Also, the spreadsheet is not up for discussion at this point. It is set as is and we are not making any changes to it. If you have suggestions or questions do not post them in this thread, instead PM me and if it's something valuable we will include it in the NiM S&V tracking spreadsheet.

We will not be updating this spreadsheet after every kill as we too will be involved in the race. However, we will do an update at least twice a day. With that said it's preferred that you save all of your screenshots and make a single post once you have cleared the operation or once you have finished your raid for the day.

Include the following items in your post:
  1. Guild Name
  2. Guild Website (If you have one)
  3. Server
  4. Region
  5. A link to the verification screenshot for each boss you have defeated.
  6. Once again take a look at the post from Revenge in the S&V thread as an example of what we are looking for.

Forgive us for the lengthy thread but we want to make sure that we explain everything clearly. Good luck.
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