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For Captain Grimyk (Wookie flamethrower), I always have one person in the group start running towards the Taxi Ship sitting by the boss encounter and then proceed to say "Hey tank, drag him over here! It makes it so easy!"

No. No it does not. It makes the fight take forever.

The fight is very, very, very simple: do not AoE or DPS the adds when they spawn.

The adds will NOT run off to the healer if the tank hits them quickly with an AoE when they come down. And yes, the adds WILL die from the Wookie's flamethrower still, it's just not instant like in SM. However, the adds will pull off the tank if a DPS herpty-derps and DPS'es one of them or AoE's. So don't do that. Be smart.

The problem with kiting the Wookie over to the ship is it causes the adds to scatter around the ship, and thus they do not die instantly during the Wookie's channel of "Unstable Fuel". The adds have close to 100k, so if you've got all the adds running around the taxi ship, odds are you are going to have spend time at the end killing each add...and that takes forever.


Stop trying to get the tank to kite the wookie to the taxi. Don't AoE or DPS the adds, let the tank pick them up. They also shrug off taunts like it's their job.