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The other day, I was doing hammer station (normal) on my merc healer. I started off by asking if everyone has done this before, and everyone said yes. On the first major pull, the sorc in the group cc'd one of the elite droids (only because I asked him too), and the tank immediately attacks the cc'd target, the 2 dps attack separate elites and I'm left with every other mob attacking me. We end up not wiping (because I'm level 21) and I explain to them all not to attack cc'd targets and what the kill order is. First boss comes, and about one minute in, I see the sorc next to the boss hitting him with his light saber (no, he wasn't out of force). The only other major pull (the one near the elevator) comes along, and everyone starts attacking the big droid only and I'm left with all of the other mobs. I almost leave then, but I only had enough time to finish one flashpoint and not enough to start another one, so I stayed. Everything else goes fine until the final boss, where the 2 dps decide to stack up on the tank and the get hit with the boss's sweeping blasters,. The sorc then proceeds to be knocked down to his death. Neither dps attacked the adds, and I had to knock them off each time. We end up killing him, but again, it was only because I was overleveled that I could keep them alive. If anyone has read this far, I applaud you for reading through my rant.
/end rant