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Bug: BoE Cartel Toys assigned to Quickbar slots activate the first example of the item even if a copy of the item already exists in your inventory and is bound.
Impact: BoE Cartel Toys can become erroneously bound.

Detailed explantion including links to Screenshots.

  1. I have two unbound Ball Tosses in my inventory - one and two. Plus, you will notice this item is assigned to my Quickbar.
  2. When I activate the Ball Toss via my Quickbar, the first Ball Toss in my inventory becomes rightfully bound to me. Notice, the second Ball Toss is still unbound.
  3. Next, I re-used my Quickbar binding to show that the second Ball Toss still does not bind to me.
  4. Then I moved the first Ball Toss behind the second Ball Toss in my inventory. You will notice the second Ball Toss is still unbound to me. Again, the Ball Toss previously referred to the first Ball Toss is now later in my inventory and it is still bound to me.
  5. Now, when I use the ability on my Quickbar the second Ball Toss becomes bound to me despite the presence of the already bound Ball Toss.

I believe this situation is a bug. For consumable items such as medpacs and stims, it is logical for the Quickbar to just find the first example of the item to use/consume/activate. However, this causes problems with the numerous BoE Cartel Toys.

My example with multiple bound Ball Tosses is inconsequential; however, the same thing happened to me with a Music Therapy Probe, which is considerably more valuable. I hope this bug will be acknowledged and/or fixed. Plus, I hope someone will unbind a Music Therapy Droid for me. I have opened a ticket with Customer Service on this issue, which I am happy to provide here if it helps the matter.
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