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12.21.2011 , 07:59 PM | #8
Well let's not even go into "whether it's physically possible" question. I suspect the answer may be a kind of yes for all generally-humanoid species..

But I'd imagine it's the exception. Like even in the real world, there are parts where people tend to marry/date within their own racial groups, and cross-race couples are relatively rarer (not non-existant).

Now when you consider the star wars universe, with so many more species/races, that are so much more different in both looks and culture... i'd imagine it's still a rare thing.

It doesn't make sense that half the human players will romance non-human partners. Like I just think from a lore point of view, cross-species couples should be relatively rarer. So it shouldn't be, you have a character and 4 romance options, 3-4 of them are aliens. Instead, it should be, you have a character and 4 romance options, one of them is an alien (the other three can be ds or ls same species, and a gay same species).