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Im "Anti-Premade"-Thread im englischsprachigen Foruzmsteil fand ich ein sehr interessanter Erfahrungsbericht, weswegen ich sie hier mal zitiere :

Quote: Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post
^^This! And add to that: People enjoying pugstomping on RP-PvE-servers, because they do not dare to play on a PvP server!

Well then, since you asked. I had a very active guild last year and last summer we had quite a good PvP premade running. 8 people or 2x4 people, depending on where we queued. At the same time, I always loved to pug. Back then, I was also doing it to recruit good PvPers. So I know both sides. My premade fell apart after a few months, because it was just stupid and no fun at all to play against pugs. And we hardly ever got a ranked, because the Imps who had several ranked premades never went in - because of facing real competition there. So the situation back then was: Several Imp premades, ready for ranked, but scared to go because they lose there, flooded the poor pugs on the server (both, the reps and the imps). Since the Autumn I decline playing in premades, because - as you say it - I find the system wrong and I do not have irl issues. So I rather try to help poor pugs and once in a while I cause them a win against a premade and this is a very rewarding feeling. Just last week, I capped the second turret in the hypergate wz with my stealther against a premade and managed to secure it for the last remaining 25 seconds alone against 5 (!) players (4 from the premade + 1 - which just proves that premades are not even good, but solely rely on overpowering the pugs). This caused a already looking lost warzone to become a winner. You should have seen the cheering in the chat. Some players probably won the first time ever. Not because they are so bad. No, because they never get a pug against a pug before.

So, are you satisfied with my answer? Premades are ruining non-ranked warzones. Not as much as before 2.0 thanks to bolster and a lot of premaders finally leaving the game, but still. You can deny it, but it is how it is.

Noch ein Erfahrungsbericht :

Quote: Originally Posted by otherworlder View Post
I'll bite.

Back before ftp on Ebon Hawk, my wife and I were considered among the best pvpers on the server. When we unsubbed around the time that queues started popping three or four times a day, some in our faction practically begged us to stick it out. We were frequently offered teams (my wife is an excellent healer) and even tried out a couple of the big pvp guilds at that time. We rarely if ever joined premades, and we invariably left the pvp guilds after a short while.


Empathy, desire for true sport, and human decency. My wife and I hated rolling in premades because we always roflstomped the competition and that leads to boring, boring matches. We don't enjoy curbstomping randoms into the dust. For others who ran premades, that was the juice. They loved laughing about it in ops chat, they loved spawn camping, they loved blaming the 8 randoms who just got crushed for their own defeat. We absolutely despise that culture and want nothing to do with it.

There are other human beings behind those characters getting stomped match after match and gradually realizing that their chosen hobby is not going to be fun at all tonight... in fact, it's making their day worse. I don't want to be the culprit for that, even if they're complete strangers.

Call me a carebear. We're all human beings behind the monitor.

On top of that, we simply find pvp without competition to be dull. If I go to a gym down the street to spar, I'm not going to ask a 12 year old to climb into the ring with me. I'd want a dude my size and relative ability.

The rest of your questions are sort of... off topic. People aren't saying that premades shouldn't be allowed to play; they should. It is an MMO after all. Most of us here just simply don't see any compelling reasons that a) pugs should be forced to play against you instead of having their own more casual queue, and b) why premades are so up in arms about the idea of allowing that option.

I've still yet to read any sort of argument from a pro-premader that explains how their fun is going to be negatively impacted by allowing more casual, balance-seeking solo players to opt out of facing premades. If your fun is derived from a desire for competition, why do you feel you NEED to be able to face pugs to have fun?

And yes, I do agree that none of this will ever change until BW sorts out cross server queues because there simply isn't a big enough pvp population right now. But the check-box for solo only would go a long way toward making that community bigger (modern MMOs are targeted far more toward solo, casual players than the huge guilds/groups of old), and isn't that what everyone here wants in the end?
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