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12.21.2011 , 07:53 PM | #29
Damage meters. I found them very useful in a guild raiding enviroment, both to check on who was optimizing dps and who was not, also to check other information. Eg, someone complaining about not being healed enough, check their most recent death and see that they took damage from being in 'fire/other avoidable thing' and were healed, just the damage was too great. Looking at the numbers for damage meant nothing, looking at spells used compared to others of their class allowed comparisons, after taking into account gear level.

Addons like gear score I REALLY REALLY hope never come into the game, they penalise new players or those who have taken a break.

UI, i am currently healing, and sick to death of the UI, the inability to customise makes it hard to see what is happening around me, whilst keeping an eye on everyones health. There is no way i will heal any end game content that requires vision unless i can at the very minimum adjust positions for the bars.

Target's target. Well, being a sage i have a couple of interupts, of course if i got the tank targeted for healing i can't see the mob casting something it would be useful to interupt.