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I have two Chiss characters who happen to be brothers in my legacy.

Imperial Agent
Core Name (In Game): Yhlorec
Full Name: Alyh'lore'chefk

Yhlorec is an interesting Imperial Soldier. While is staunchly loyal to the Empire, he absolutely hates Sith being involved in his missions and believes that the Imperial Military should really be running the show. However, he abides by their rule, though speaks freely about his distaste, hoping that at some point he'll be rid of their annoyance. He's the perfect Imperial, always obeying orders even if he disagrees. His alignment I slightly dark due to his consistent follow-through regarding each and every one of his missions, as he truly believes in the Empire's cause and has an avid hatred for the Republic.

Core Name (In Game): Yhvelos
Full Name: Alyh'velo'shlak

Yhvelos, unlike his brother, has no use or allegiance toward the Empire or the Republic. He is simply concerned about pulling a profit. Once an Imperial Recruit, Yhvelos dropped out of the academy to pursue his own interests and wound up transporting goods across the galaxy. He's made a small fortune running stock illegally, and he's perfectly happy with the way his life has panned out as a freelancer. His alignment sits closely to neutral, as he simply does whatever he feels right given the circumstances. If someone double crosses him or his friends, he'll be sure to hunt and gun them down for it.